Family Historian 7 released!


Family Historian Version 7

Just in time for the Christmas presents market there has come a welcome announcement about some family history software. The highly anticipated new version of the deluxe genealogy application written by a leading UK software designer for the UK market is now out!

Family Historian 7
Family Historian 7 genealogy software

Family Historian version 7 is said to be a new concept in genealogy programs that allows you to enter your family by drawing a tree. Full support is given for sources, notes, facts and linked multimedia elements. For researchers it provides support for Queries and Reports. 

This powerful, award-winning genealogy program has a range of new and improved features designed to meet the needs of the beginner and expert alike.


I have found it offered online in a tantalising package from S&N Genealogy Supplies who have put together everything that you need to Research, Record and Report your Family History!

Family Historian 7 package from S&N Genealogy Supplies

Their offer is just £69.95 (Saving you 46%) and this includes:

– The newly released Family Historian V7

– Quick Start Guide

– 3 Months Gold Subscription to TheGenealogist, giving you access to Census, BMDs, Parish Records and more

– A Regional Research Guidebook


Take advantage now of this special offer: Buy Family Historian 7 from S&N Genealogy Supplies today!


What’s New in this version of the software?

Version 7 brings a wealth of new features and improvements, including:

Integrated Word Processing – including font and text styles, tables, embedded source citations, record links, website links, and hash tags.

New Note Window – a new floating window designed for viewing and editing notes and supporting all the new word processing features

New and Improved Diagrams – a new Everyone diagram; new All Relatives + Indirect Relatives diagram showing everyone that a person or couple are related to; new Pedigree diagram; new Waterfall diagram; and four new DNA diagrams

New Reports – Calendar, File statistics, Individual Scrapbook, Individual Timeline, Note Records, Place Report, Research Notes, Sources and Citations, Tagged Notes

Improved Report Window

Improved Website and Family Tree CD/DVD Generation

Historical Maps

Fact Flags – facts can now be marked as Private, Preferred, Tentative and/or Rejected

Research Notes

Source Templates

Source-driven Data Entry

Source Transcription Tools

New Citation Window

and much more!


Find out more here:


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Take a trip to a Family History Show such as the one at York

Queue at York Family History Fair

Next weekend on Saturday 23rd of June 2018 there is one of the largest gathering of family historians in England taking place at The Knavesmire Exhibition Centre, The Racecourse, York, YO23 1RX.

If you are in the area then I urge you to pop along between 10am and 4.30pm and see what you may learn. I’ve been a couple of times now and found that its not just aimed at people with Yorkshire ancestors – so it is worth a visit where ever your ancestors came from.

I am already checking my tickets and planning my trip as I love attending these events for all the useful information that you can pick up from the likes of the family history society stands, genealogical suppliers and from the talks in the lecture area.


Click here to pre-book your tickets for The Family History Show, York and buy one get one half price!  But do hurry, as pre-booking closes at the end of Wednesday 20th June!

With even more exhibitors attending this year, the York Family History Fair is probably the largest event of its kind in England with many family history societies and companies attending each year. There is also lots of local history from the York area too.


Facilities include:

  • Free Talks from Expert Speakers
  • Exhibitors from all over the UK
  • Free Parking
  • Cafe with refreshments available all day
  • Fully accessible with lifts and ramps throughout

The show is organised by Discover Your Ancestors Magazine and is sponsored by TheGenealogist and S&N Genealogy Supplies.


Saturday 23rd June 2018 – 10am to 4.30pm

The Knavesmire Exhibition Centre, The Racecourse, York, YO23 1EX

Admission: Adults £5.00, Children under 14 FREE

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Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2017 round up.

Who Do You Think You Are? Live at the NEC
Who Do You Think You Are? Live at the NEC – the queue of excited family historians waiting for the doors of the hall to open.


Having returned from my trip to Birmingham and this year’s Who Do You Think You Are? Live, it is only now that I can look back and consider what I thought of the show.


WDYTYA? Live 2017
Hush before the the doors opened for the day!


Overall it was a very enjoyable event, even if I was a bit disappointed by the lack of certain family history societies that had not made it to the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) this year.

Full marks go to those who did lay their stalls out. I think that FHS stands are an important component of a family history show and I would hate it if more stayed away.

Looking back to the years at Olympia, there always seemed to be more societies there than currently exhibiting in Birmingham. I also got the impression that several small genealogical businesses had bowed out this year and was equally disappointed that even The National Archives were not present at the show!


TheGenealogist stand at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live show at the NEC Birmingham
TheGenealogist stand at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live show at the NEC Birmingham


While all the big family history companies were there as usual, I couldn’t help notice the number of charity stands in the shell-scheme section of the hall and the small number of exhibitors that were unrelated to family history – I can only assume that their presence was as a result of canny businesspeople believing that the profile of the visitor to WDYTYA? LIVE would be a match to their own potential customer. I didn’t photograph any of these stands, so I am not referring to any that appear below!


WDYTYA? LIVE 2017 stand
WDYTYA? LIVE 2017 National Memorial Arboretum stand


S&N Genealogy Supplies
S&N Genealogy Supplies


WDYTYA? LIVE 2017 MoD stand
WDYTYA? LIVE 2017 MOD stand


Living DNA
Living DNA were at the show – look out for more in a later post!


Among some of the other interesting family history stands that got my attention were…

Writing the Past, run by Michael Sharpe, a genealogist, researcher and writer. As well as providing research services he also offers to create a book or a website to present your family history. I hope to look at Writing the Past in a bit more detail in a later post.

Writing the Past stand at WDYTYA? LIVE 2017
Writing the Past stand at WDYTYA? LIVE 2017


I had intended to post a video in the next few days, but I am just battling with a slight technical issue with some of my video files from the show – so fingers crossed that I get this sorted!


Searching for Theatrical Ancestors was yet another stand that caught my eye. Here I spoke to Professor Katherine Cockin from the University of Hull about their Ellen Terry and Edith Craig Datebase at

I hope to be able to post a video here shortly, so watch this space!

WDYTYA? LIVE 2017 University of Hull stand Search for Theatrical Ancestors
WDYTYA? LIVE 2017 University of Hull stand Search for Theatrical Ancestors


And then there was the breathtakingly beautiful family trees created by Genealogy Art. I spent some time with Wladimir Carlos Ledochowski and with luck my video with him will be posted here in the near future. In the mean time take a look at his website at:

Genealogy Art stand at the WDYTYA? LIVE 2017
Genealogy Art stand at the WDYTYA? LIVE 2017


More posts to come from this year’s Who Do You Think You Are? Live show soon…


In the mean time I am already looking forward to York in June and the Yorkshire Family History Fair.


Yorkshire Family History Fair




Disclosure: Compensated affiliate links are used in this post to TheGenealogist and Living DNA

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2016 WDYTYA? Live

I’m just back home after my trip away to dear old ‘Brum’ to see the Who Do You Think You Are? Live show (some of my own family history relates to this city).

Who Do You Think You Are? Live 2016 at the NEC

In its second year at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham it certainly continues to meet expectations as being the world’s largest family history show. There were all levels of researchers attending over the three day event. From talking with many of them I could quickly see that some were quite clearly just starting out in tracing their family trees and looking for some help with where to find their forebears.

There were also those more experienced researchers wanting to see if any of the new records and tools, that the major sites were offering, would help them discover more about their elusive ancestors. A number of professional genealogists were at the event to network and give lecture talks, or work on the many stands that packed the hall. stand and presentation theatre


I really enjoyed mixing with my fellow minded family historians at the show and catching some of the really interesting talks such as those by leading genealogists Laura Berry and Celia Heritage, plus the Breaking down brick walls talk by Mark Bayley on TheGenealogist stand.

I also got to talk to some old and new friends and catch up with some of my fellow bloggers in the family history blogosphere. Dick Eastman, from Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter and I shared commiserations about how tired our feet felt by the Saturday and it was really good to meet up in person with John D. Reid from Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections blog.

I shall be posting some videos from the event shortly, but in the mean time here are a few photo’s to give a flavour of the show.

Celia Heritage gives a genealogy tutorial on TheGenealogist stand
Celia Heritage gives a genealogy tutorial on TheGenealogist stand.


Lectures were held in several SoG theatres throughout the hall
Lectures were held in several theatres throughout the hall.


Genealogy products for sale at the S&N Genealogy Supplies stand
Genealogy products for sale at the S&N Genealogy Supplies stand.


Stands at the WDYTYA? Live 2015.
Some of the stands at the WDYTYA? Live 2015.


Spitfire on display at the NEC for the WDYTYA? Live
A Spitfire on display at the NEC for the WDYTYA? Live.


Family history societies showing at the WDYTYA? Live show
Many Family history societies were attending at the WDYTYA? Live show.


Professional Genealogist Laura Berry
Laura Berry, a Professional Genealogist who has worked as one of the lead researchers on family history television programmes and written the book Discover Your Ancestor’s Occupation.


Professional genealogist Celia Heritage
Professional genealogist, writer and teacher: Celia Heritage.


Andrew Chapman, Editor of Discover Your Ancestor's Magazine
Andrew Chapman, the Editor of Discover Your Ancestor’s Magazine.




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Fantastic new Family Tree software for PC and Mac

I’ve been testing this great piece of software and I’m impressed!

It is a comprehensive multi-platform package that keeps your tree backed up online with stunningly versatile charts and reports. For all those who are looking for family tree software in the light of all the uncertainty in the market recently, then this is most welcome news from S&N Genealogy Supplies:

Revolutionary new multi-platform Family Tree software for PC and Mac


TreeView has been designed by family historians to fill the gap for a powerful, intuitive and feature packed family tree program that is easy to use from the outset. TreeView stores your family tree on your computer with the option to easily sync your tree with and . There is also a free iOS and Android app allowing you to keep your family history at your fingertips! Privacy options for your online tree allows you to retain complete control over your research.

Powerful Features
  • TreeView syncAccess your data wherever you are by syncing your tree between the software and all of your mobile devices at the click of a button.
  • Navigate your family tree using a variety of different views including pedigree, family, ancestors, descendants, hourglass, fan and even a full tree view.
  • Create beautiful charts and detailed reports in seconds
  • Easily add details of your ancestors by attaching facts, notes, images, addresses, sources and citations.
  • View your entire tree on screen, or zoom in to a single ancestor.
  • Quickly discover how different people in your family tree are related using the relationship calculator.
  • Identify anomalies in your data with the problem finder.
  • Map out your ancestors lives – use the map view to track your ancestors life events across the world.
  • Import or export your family tree using the GEDCOM standard.

Pedigree View - one of TreeView’s 9 navigational views

[Pedigree View – one of TreeView’s 9 navigational views]

TreeView has received praise from both genealogy reviewers and users:


Chris Paton, professional genealogist, writer and blogger:

  • “One of the most versatile family history software products now available”
  • “Navigating around TreeView is extremely straightforward”

Nick Peers, genealogy writer and blogger:

  • “It keeps your research file in sync with the web via TheGenealogist hosted tree, as well as your iPad, iPhone or Android device”


  • “I am so impressed with Treeview, I will be using it for my own research, it is so easy and user friendly, and has all the facilities you could wish for.”
  • “A comprehensive multi-platform package that keeps your tree backed up online with stunningly versatile charts and reports.”
  • “It’s quick to load and speedy in use”
  • “I particularly like the mapping facility”

Maps View - showing all event locations for a particular individual

[Maps View – showing all event locations for a particular individual]

TreeView allows you to create beautiful charts with a variety of ways to present your family tree. Choose from a range of drag and drop charting options and decide which facts to display. Charts include: Ancestors; Descendants; Fan; Circle; Full Tree; Hourglass and Pedigree. The software allows you to personalise your charts by adding photographs and customising the background with an image or a colour of your choice.

TreeView’s drag and drop charting feature showing a full tree with both foreground and background images

[TreeView’s drag and drop charting feature showing a full tree with both foreground and background images]

You can also create detailed reports in TreeView, including Individual, Family and Narrative reports. These can either be printed or exported as a PDF or RTF file (a cross-platform document that can be opened by most word processors) for further editing.

TreeView’s Narrative report showing three generations

[TreeView’s Narrative report showing three generations]

TreeView is a powerful easy to use family tree program that comes with a host of useful features including charts, reports and maps. You can sync to the cloud and your mobile devices whilst also having the ability to work offline when you have no internet connection. TreeView’s privacy options allow you to keep full control of your data when storing your tree in the cloud, for extra peace of mind.

There are three versions of TreeView available:

  • Free Edition – Includes essential features, with no limits on the number of individuals or the amount of data you can add
  • Basic Edition (Download only, £24.95) – Adds support for:
    • Charting
    • Reporting
  • Premium Edition (CD & DVD, £39.95) – Includes all features of TreeView Basic, plus:
    • 4 Month Diamond Subscription to (Worth £59.95!)
    • Printed Quick Start Guide
    • Cassell’s Gazetteer of Great Britain & Ireland 1893 (Worth £16.95!)
    • Imperial Dictionary of Universal Biography (Worth £16.95!)
    • English, Welsh & Scottish Landowners 1873 (Worth £36.90!)
    • Irish Landowners 1876 (Worth £12.95!)

Go to today and find out more.

More images from TreeView…

TreeView Full Tree View with Easy Zoom

[TreeView Full Tree View with Easy Zoom]

Relationship View showing how two people are related

[Relationship View showing how two people are related]

Chart Examples

TreeView Circle Chart with background and foreground images]

[TreeView Circle Chart with background and foreground images]

TreeView Descendent Chart with background and foreground images

[TreeView Descendent Chart with background and foreground images]

TreeView Descendent Chart with background and foreground images

[TreeView Full Tree Chart with background and foreground images]

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Solutions for very annoyed Family Tree Maker customers

Family Tree software


Oh dear me! Another major genealogy company upsets its customers this week!

This time it is Ancestry’s Kendall Hulet, Senior Vice President of Product Management at the corporation who posted an article to the Ancestry Blog on the 8th December 2015 stating,

“We’ve made the tough decision to stop selling Family Tree Maker as of December 31, 2015.”

I counted 8,212 comments as of Sunday morning, when I last looked, and they are mostly an avalanche of disappointment and anger.


How is it in these days that big business make decisions that are not customer led?


Do not despair!
What this has done, however, is create a superb opportunity for the makers and vendors of similar family tree software to encourage dissatisfied Family Tree Maker customers to look at changing to one of their alternatives.


In the British Isles I got a timely Christmas greetings email in my inbox this week from my friends over at S&N Genealogy Supplies in Wiltshire.

With the news that Family Tree Maker is being discontinued, many users are looking for an alternative software package. We understand that changing programs can be a daunting task, so we’ve selected our most popular software packages for you to consider.

Please remember that we are happy to offer advice on any of our products to make sure you get the one that suits your needs.

This genealogy retailer has many other products on offer at its website ( as well as advanced notice of a new piece of software called TreeView that is scheduled for launch in January and comes with a package of extras.



Published in the UK for the UK market, this comprehensive program suits beginners and experienced genealogists alike. Create professional trees and printouts with its advanced reporting capabilities. With the TreeView mobile and tablet app, you can sync across multiple devices to enable you to keep your tree up-to-date whenever and wherever you are.

TreeView Premium Edition + Free Find Your Ancestors Book & Online Magazine worth over £30
Includes a 4-Month Diamond subscription to TheGenealogist and Data worth over £180!


Pre-Order now and you’ll also receive “Researching and Locating Your Ancestors” by Celia Heritage, worth £9.95

Advance Order
(Due for release Jan 2016)


RootsMagic has become one of the UK’s most favoured genealogy packages. This software is comprehensive yet easy to use, and creates superb wallcharts and integrates with research sites. It is the top rated program in numerous reviews and articles which emphasise RootsMagic’s ease of use and powerful features.

RootsMagic UK Version 7 Platinum Edition with Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic 7 Book

Special Offer – Save £14.95 when purchasing RootsMagic UK V7 Platinum Edition with the Getting the Most out of RootsMagic 7 Book!

£49.95 – Save £14.95!

Family Historian

Deluxe genealogy software written by a leading UK software designer for the UK market. Allows you to enter your family by drawing a tree. Full support is given for sources, notes, facts and linked multimedia elements. For researchers it provides support for Queries and Reports.

Family Historian Version 6 + Free Find Your Ancestors Book & Online Subscription worth over £30





So while it may be annoying for those who have purchased and learnt how to use Family Tree Maker there are alternatives out there!

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The History & Heritage Handbook

The History & Heritage Handbook 2015-2016

With the holiday season well and truly in swing, I’m on a weekend in London as you read this hopefully getting my fill of museums and heritage sites.

If you are like me and end up visiting parts of the country that you are unfamiliar with, then I’d recommend The History & Heritage Handbook 2015/16 to you.

Not content with this current short break, I’m also planning another few days in the South of England in September, perhaps going to the Record Offices and archives there. Plus I’ve a visit to the Midlands in the next few months. Back in June I was in Salisbury and saw the copy of the Magna Carta that is on show in the chapter house of the cathedral there and visited some other historical venues while there.



The new History & Heritage Handbook 2015/16 edited by Andrew Chapman and published by Heritage Hunter came out only recently and is invaluable to help people like me make the most of our visits.

The book is a comprehensive guide to almost 3500 places and organisations in the UK , the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

Each of the entries provides the contact details and a brief description, many of which give specific information about specialist collections and all listed across more than 500 pages..

I recommend you use it to

  • research your family history: as the book includes details of county record offices and family history societies
  • find thousands of heritage sites to visit on holiday or for day trips
  • learn about special archives in museums and libraries across the UK, ideal for researching local, social or military history

or it can also be found at various other suppliers such as: S&N Genealogy Supplies






Hit a brick wall with your English/Welsh ancestors?

Learn how to discover the many records and resources to find your forebears within

by taking the Family History Researcher Course online.

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York Family History Show was great!

York Family History Show This time last weekend I was up The Knavesmire Exhibition Centre at The Racecourse in York for the York Family History Show sponsored by TheGenealogist and S&N Genealogy Supplies.

It was the 20th time that the organisers had run the show, but it was my very first visit to it and I have to say I was blown away by how friendly it all was.

There were more than 70 exhibitors from all over the country and you certainly didn’t have to have Yorkshire ancestors to enjoy the show. I made a point of going around all the floors and found some very useful family history society stands and various vendors selling many useful items for the family historian. While I was there I did a little video for you to get some of the atmosphere.


One of the main sponsors, TheGenealogist, had a large presence and I was lucky enough to be there when one of their satisfied customers came up to offer them a completely unsolicited testimonial!

With very little persuasion she repeated her thoughts about TheGenealogist, this time to the camera knowing that it was going to be made public and so I included it in my video. It is great to find a truly happy customer of a genealogical research site who is willing to tell the world what she thinks. She had joined TheGenealogist last year after switching from one of the other main sites and has never looked back.




Disclosure: compensated affiliate links used in the post

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Days to go to the Who Do You Think You Are? Live show 2015


Who Do you Think You Are? LIVE 2011
Who Do you Think You Are? LIVE

This week, on Thursday 16th, Friday 17th and Saturday 18th of April the Who Do You Think You Are? Live show rolls into the National Exhibition Centre for the first time. The largest Family History Show in the U.K. it has moved up to the Midlands from London.

For those of us seeking answers, to family history brick walls, this is one of the most exciting times of the calendar as it allows us a chance to get to listen to all manner of experts gathered under one roof.


Reggie Yates Alistair McGowanTamsin OuthwaiteApart from the main celebrity speakers, such as Reggie Yates, Tamzin Outhwaite and Alistair McGowan there are many other presentations that I am looking forward to.

One talk that I spotted in the email news from S&N Genealogy supplies is Our Ancestors’ Working Lives by Celia Heritage, Professional Genealogist & Author. Celia will be explaining how we can find out more about an ancestor through the records of their working life in TheGenealogist’s talk theatre, situated just by the entrance.

There are, of course, so many other workshops to take in that a little bit of planning may be needed to fit in what appeals to your particular interest. Take a look at the Society of Genealogists Workshop programme online. One of the other great strengths of the show is being able to chat with the knowledgeable people from the various family history societies, or to sit down with a Society of Genealogist expert. Maybe you will be in luck and meet a person that is researching a collateral line to yours!

To emphasize just how much of a breakthrough a chance meeting such as this can be, here is a little story to end with.

This weekend I was taking a break in a small Leicestershire Bed & Breakfast and was talking to another guest who had discovered a whole batch of new ancestors by meeting someone whose ancestor had been employed as a ship’s captain by my fellow guest’s ship owning ancestor. The Captain’s descendent was able to fill in the ship owner’s descendent about people that, until then, he was completely unaware of. This just emphasises how making connections at events such as Who Do You Think You Are? Live can be priceless.





Learn more about English and Welsh family history resources which can be used to find your elusive ancestors with the Family History Researcher Course,

CLICK the image below:

Family History Researcher English/Welsh course


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Murderous Madam and the Policeman

George Le Cronier's Memorial, Green Street, St.Helier.

I’ve been having a look at the S&N newsletter, that popped into my email box at the end of the week.

What caught my eye was a fascinating Victorian murder story that took place in the St Helier streets quite local to where I live. I’ve come across it before in the book The Policeman and the Brothel by Theodore Dalrymple, but this is the first time that I’ve seen it written from the family history records point of view!

It was fascinating to see the Illustrated London News report from March 7th 1846; the census records, with the tell tale blanks for the occupations of the young  prostitutes, and the criminal records showing the killer was transported for life to Van Diemens land. Also to be seen is the huge monument for the murdered policeman in Green Street cemetery, a picture of which can be searched for in TheGenealogist’s growing Volunteer Headstone Database that now includes many Jersey burials.


The newsletter isn’t just about this story. They begin with a look at what will be coming online from their group throughout 2015:

Parish Records, detailed County and Tithe Maps, millions of new Medals Records, more Grave Memorials from the Volunteer Headstone Project, records of Railway Workers from Pensions to Staff Movements, Jewish records, detailed Street Maps, Passenger Lists, Emigration Records and more War Memorials are all going online at TheGenealogist this year.

And then we hear that this month they’ve released more War Memorials, Parish Records and have now added the 1911 census for all Starter and Gold Subscribers! You can make the most of this with £30 cash back on an Annual Gold Subscription, making it just £48.95 for the first year!

There’s no better way, they suggest, to start the new year than with some special offers – you can claim £50 cashback on a Diamond Subscription to TheGenealogist, and save £££s in their New Year Sale over at S&N Genealogy Supplies. The news letter also takes a look at 2014 in a review.

Finally, there is that interesting article I’ve already drawn you attention to above about Ancestors that fell foul of the law. As the S&N team write in the email, these are always fascinating subjects for family history research and I would say none more than a Victorian murder story of a notorious Madam who escaped the hangman’s noose!


The Genealogist - UK census, BMDs and more online

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