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This month I’ve contributed another case-study type article to Discover Your Ancestors using the resources at my disposal from the magazine’s main sponsor:

But this edition of the online periodical has so much more than just my piece to recommend it! This week I have read it from cover to cover and can endorse it as a really good read for the contributions from some excellent experts in family and social history.


Discover Your Ancestors online magazineMarch 2021
Discover Your Ancestors Periodical March 2021

In this month’s edition:

Snapshots of fashion past: Jayne Shrimpton picks up a newspaper from 100 years ago this month to see what we can glean about 1920s sartorial trends
The golden age of magic: Our ancestors loved a bit of magic, but it could end up being more dangerous than we might think… Nell Darby peers behind the curtain
Hope and glory: To mark its 150th anniversary, Lynsey Ford examines the remarkable history of the Royal Albert Hall
The Evesham murder: In Victorian Worcestershire, a case of poaching resulted in three deaths and a controversial reprieve for one man… Nell Darby investigates
More like a gentleman: Nick Thorne explores the actor Kenneth More’s family tree
History in the details: Materials – wool (part 2)

Free Recordset: Army List 1875 – January

Contains Generals and Field Officers by rank and by regiment. As well as hundreds of territorial regiments, officers are included for cavalry and artillery regiments, Royal Engineers, West India regiments, Marines, volunteer battalions, and more.

Premium Recordset: Warwickshire Phillimore Parish Records (Marriages) Volume 2

Franciscan registers of St Peter’s Birmingham 1657-1824 (Baptisms) (Phillimore Parish Records)

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