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Victoria Wood

In this month’s Discover Your Ancestors online periodical I have had published an article I wrote on the well-loved comedienne Victoria Wood.

I discover that she was descended from a war hero who had been awarded the Croix de Guerre by the King of Belgium and a look at her family shows us that it was made up of a number of determined characters!

I also discover that Victoria had a lonely childhood without friends. If you read my piece I am sure your heart strings will be tugged at to find that, as a child, only one person turned up to her birthday party – all the other kids having better things to do on the day, like playing on their bikes!

I look at an error in the General Register Office records that misspells her mother’s maiden name on Victoria’s birth record. It is a good example of how even official primary records can contain mistakes and a lesson to us all to think creatively when we can’t find someone in the data.

I explain where to find the records, that I made use of to trace the family, so that you could apply the techniques in your own family history research.

We also discover some fascinating facts about her father. He turns out to have a number of more interesting strings to his bow than you might have expected from an average insurance claims inspector.

June edition of Discover Your Ancestors
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Also in this month’s Discover Your Ancestors Periodical Dr Simon Wills examines the wreck of the SS London 150 years on,  Jocelyn Robson investigates a woman who faked her own death, and there is much much more to read.

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