Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski at Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE

I was due to meet Anthony Adolph at the Who Do You Think you Are? LIVE show where he was signing copies of his book: Tracing Your Aristocratic Ancestors: A Guide for Family Historians, available now by clicking the link.


As he began signing the books on the Pen & Sword stand he was joined by the Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski, a Russian Princess who had grown up in straiten circumstances and now lives in London.

She has now traced her family history back and finds that her family had once had possession of Mir Castle in Belarus. Her success in finding her aristocratic ancestry is one that many family historians would like to replicate!

Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski and Anthony Adolph
Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski and Author Anthony Adolph
Anthony Adolph and Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski
Anthony Adolph and Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski on the Pen & Sword stand at Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE.
Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski
Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski
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5 Replies to “Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski at Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE”

  1. Lovely. Thank you so much for creating this very attractive blog for me. I also like the text.

    Best wishes from Princess Maria. Sviatopolk-Mirski 🙂

  2. Lovely photos. I enjoyed the WDYTYA Family History Exhibition at Olympia last February. I would like to say a big thank you to Nick Thorne, Nosey Genealogist, for taking photos of me and adding the pictures to his blog. THANK YOU Nick

    Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski
    Stratford/East London

  3. You can find me from Google UK and type Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski in the Google UK Box and ENTER. You’ll see many pages with some photos. However, if you click on IMAGES on the top left of the Google UK screen, you’ll find loads of photos; my family history photos are particularly interesting – even though I say so myself!! Good luck and Happy Viewing:-). NOSEY GENEALOGIST. [5

  4. My Great, great Aunt Miss Maheela Bell was Governess to Princess Sonia Orbeliani and I have a letter written by Princess Sonia addressed to my great, great grandmother from Odessa dated 29th December1833. I have an old Birthday book and on 15th March Mamouka Orbeliani is written and on 4th December Metia Orbeliani.
    I am trying to find out whether Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski is related to Princess Sonia Orbeliani, Mamouka and Metia Orbeliani?
    Can you help?
    Sue Ross

  5. Dear Sue,

    Yes, I am related to Princess Sonia Orbeliani. Her uncle
    Prince Pyotr Dmitrievich sviatopolk-mirski, is my great-uncle.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email me:

    Kind Regards.

    Princess Maria Sviatopolk-Mirski
    Stratford /East London

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