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Nigel Bayley of The
Nigel Bayley.    -           Managing Director of

What new features have been added recently to The ? I asked it’s M.D. Nigel Bayley so that family historians can get to hear exactly what this great website can offer them in their family tree research.

The new family search allows users to search on up to six family forenames; this is really useful if you have a common name like John Smith to research.

Nigel explains that has been developing their “keyword master search” to cover more and more records on their site. Look out for their directories and books to be covered shortly by keyword master search, which will make it an easy way to type in a name and get lots of hits.

More parish records have been added and Nigel explained that they have just launched Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, Staffordshire and the joint project on Worcestershire parish records as well.

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The interview is just one in a series that I videoed at Britain’s largest family history show: Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE at London’s Olympia. The event is a marvellous mixture of family history workshops, exhibitors and much more of huge interest to anyone passionate about family tree research.

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