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Dan Jones of ancestry.co.uk interview.

Dan Jones of ancestry.co.uk

Dan Jones of ancestry.co.uk

At the 2011 Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE show I was lucky enough to get to talk to Dan Jones from ancestry.co.uk.

This interview gives us family historians a little insight into where this important family tree research site will be heading in the next few months and it seems that Ancestry’s focus will be on continuing the development of parish records on ancestry.co.uk that they had started with London and the registers from LMA.

Keep a look out for parish registers to come from Yorkshire, Liverpool, Warwickshire and Dorset, to name just a few and we can also expect to see this expand into a national programme of parish registers, which is great news for all of us doing research into our British Isles ancestors.

Dan went on to say that occupational records were another important data set being rolled out on their site. They have been working for some time with the Post Office appointment books, keyed in by their volunteers.

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The interview is just one of a number recorded at the UK’s largest family history show: Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE at London’s Olympia. The event is a fantastic mix of workshops, exhibitors and more for those of us passionate about family tree research.

To watch the other videos navigate to the Who Do You Think You Are? LIVE 2011 button on the bar above, or simply watch at my YouTube channel: www.YouTube.com/NoseyGenealogist

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