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How to Send a Google Map to a Family Tree Contact.

I needed to show someone, in an email, where the grave of our common ancestor is. This is how I did that simply and easily with Google Maps.

The Background:
I received an email from a Family Tree Contact the other day asking me about a mutual ancestor that they had discovered that we shared. As it happens it was from my paternal line, that hails from Dartmouth in the county of Devon and I had done quite a bit of research into this ancestor. On a recent visit to Dartmouth I had actually found the grave and photographed it.

The Challenge:
Having sent the photograph, as an email attachment, I received a thank you message and a request for directions to the grave. Turning to the amazing tools that are available to us, on the Internet, I decided to place a marker on a Google map and send the enquirer a link to my customised map. Result is that my “cousin” can now find directions to the grave easily and can use the satellite image to see where our ancestor is buried.

The process could just as easily have been used, by me, to pinpoint the house in which our ancestor lived, or his place of work. I’d say this is useful.

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