RootsMagic UK version 8

Just received this Press Release that will be great news for those in the UK

RootsMagic 8 UK version

RootsMagic 8 UK version

RootsMagic 8 UK version

RootsMagic UK is available from the UK website at
For more information or if you have any queries, please contact:

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Solutions for very annoyed Family Tree Maker customers

Family Tree software


Oh dear me! Another major genealogy company upsets its customers this week!

This time it is Ancestry’s Kendall Hulet, Senior Vice President of Product Management at the corporation who posted an article to the Ancestry Blog on the 8th December 2015 stating,

“We’ve made the tough decision to stop selling Family Tree Maker as of December 31, 2015.”

I counted 8,212 comments as of Sunday morning, when I last looked, and they are mostly an avalanche of disappointment and anger.


How is it in these days that big business make decisions that are not customer led?


Do not despair!
What this has done, however, is create a superb opportunity for the makers and vendors of similar family tree software to encourage dissatisfied Family Tree Maker customers to look at changing to one of their alternatives.


In the British Isles I got a timely Christmas greetings email in my inbox this week from my friends over at S&N Genealogy Supplies in Wiltshire.

With the news that Family Tree Maker is being discontinued, many users are looking for an alternative software package. We understand that changing programs can be a daunting task, so we’ve selected our most popular software packages for you to consider.

Please remember that we are happy to offer advice on any of our products to make sure you get the one that suits your needs.

This genealogy retailer has many other products on offer at its website ( as well as advanced notice of a new piece of software called TreeView that is scheduled for launch in January and comes with a package of extras.



Published in the UK for the UK market, this comprehensive program suits beginners and experienced genealogists alike. Create professional trees and printouts with its advanced reporting capabilities. With the TreeView mobile and tablet app, you can sync across multiple devices to enable you to keep your tree up-to-date whenever and wherever you are.

TreeView Premium Edition + Free Find Your Ancestors Book & Online Magazine worth over £30
Includes a 4-Month Diamond subscription to TheGenealogist and Data worth over £180!


Pre-Order now and you’ll also receive “Researching and Locating Your Ancestors” by Celia Heritage, worth £9.95

Advance Order
(Due for release Jan 2016)


RootsMagic has become one of the UK’s most favoured genealogy packages. This software is comprehensive yet easy to use, and creates superb wallcharts and integrates with research sites. It is the top rated program in numerous reviews and articles which emphasise RootsMagic’s ease of use and powerful features.

RootsMagic UK Version 7 Platinum Edition with Getting the Most Out of RootsMagic 7 Book

Special Offer – Save £14.95 when purchasing RootsMagic UK V7 Platinum Edition with the Getting the Most out of RootsMagic 7 Book!

£49.95 – Save £14.95!

Family Historian

Deluxe genealogy software written by a leading UK software designer for the UK market. Allows you to enter your family by drawing a tree. Full support is given for sources, notes, facts and linked multimedia elements. For researchers it provides support for Queries and Reports.

Family Historian Version 6 + Free Find Your Ancestors Book & Online Subscription worth over £30





So while it may be annoying for those who have purchased and learnt how to use Family Tree Maker there are alternatives out there!

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