Living DNA users can now explore their family ancestry (Autosomal DNA) in three different ways

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I logged into my account with LivingDNA this week and thought:

“Hang on a minute, something has changed here. I’ve got a more comprehensive way of looking at my results!”

I clicked through to see the news on their website and found out that I was right in thinking this.

The update had happened while I was busy preparing for my trip away and was posted to their own blog on the 18th June 2017 and that is why I missed it. For all those readers who may have missed it themselves I read that Living DNA users are now able to start to explore their family ancestry (Autosomal DNA) in three different ways. Their blog at goes on:

We call this feature “views” as it allows you to look at your ethnic ancestry mix within different confidence ranges; Complete, Standard and Cautious.

For users who would have already received their results, they received their “Standard” view which may contain some unassigned ancestry. But now, by looking at the complete view, customers can see these unassigned areas. We’ve also added in a ‘cautions’ view which combines regions of genetically similar ancestry, providing our highest degree of certainty.

In the process of releasing views, we’ve made some small changes to our algorithms; this means that peoples results will be slightly updated, normally by around 1%, although a small number of customers may see much bigger changes in their mix.

I was impressed with the breakdown as it gives me clues where I should research for ancestors that appear in my family tree, but I know not from where they came. This is because they married into my identified line, but before census or BMD records and so they didn’t reveal which part of the world they hailed from!

Now I will redouble my efforts to find them in the records of the regions that share similar DNA.


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