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Master Mind Audio Series

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Apprentices Ancestors audio download


Tithes Records audio

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Illegitimate Ancestors

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In this audio download in the series of Nosey Genealogist Master Mind Audio Programmes we
explore the records created by the The Tithe Commutation Act of 1836. If you have a rural ancestor of what ever status, landlord or occupier of a piece of land then this massive survey of England and Wales can shed light on your ancestor and where they lived! Where to find these records and what is recently online, including the new release from TheGenealogist in partnership with The National Archives.

These audio tutorials give family history researchers much valuable information that can help untangle the elusive
roots and branches of an English/Welsh family tree.

By approaching various family history themes in an accessible 16 minutes to half an hour or so, the listener to these audio programmes will gain knowledge of the
relevant documents and resources and so be equipped to use what they have learnt in search of their own ancestors.

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The Nosey Genealogist’s most popular family history help resource is the in depth Audio CD. If you want a physical audio CD to put in
your player then pop over to this page here:

Back Before 1837 in England & Wales.

Help Me Get Back Before 1837 Audio CD

Getting Back Before 1837 in England & Wales

Are you searching for clues to your ancestors lives?

The Nosey Genealogist’s Family History Researcher Academy is now offering a really accessible course providing information packed modules weekly for a year.

Work at your own speed.

Lessons build into a valuable library to refer to over and over again.

I’ve now set it all down in a collection of weekly downloadable guides that you can follow in your own time and at your own

I call it the Family History Researcher Guides Membership Site…

Find out more about my course by watching this short video now!

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