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John Thorne’s 90th Birthday

On the 20th May 1925 John Bryan Thorne was born in Paignton, Devon.



The First Lord of the Admiralty

John in his preferred day dress

From Nick:


Happy 90th Birthday Dad. You are an inspiration to us all!

With much love from Nick.



The Nosey Pirate







Thorne Family together











From Mike and Lori Thorne:


Dear Uncle John,

Congratulations! 90 years is an impressive milestone. Wishing you many more years. We hope to see you in August as we have decided to come over to attend Charlie’s wedding. I hope the little collection of some older photos that I found is to your liking.
Many happy returns, Love Mike and Lori


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A Message from the Sleepy Hollow Choir…


Hello Grandpa! Wishing you a Happy Birthday from everyone at Sleepy Hollow.





From: Jamie, Brooke, Harrison and Milla Wansey


Good morning Uncle John,

Many, many happy returns on what is a an amazing milestone. Happy 90th Uncle John.

I wish I could be there with you and the rest of the family.

I write this from a hotel room in Perth, Australia. Did you and Grandpa Jim ever get to Perth when you were in the Navy???

I have been here in Perth for 5 days on school meetings drumming up new business for my company – Student Horizons. I am flying back home to Auckland tonight and I am looking forward to seeing my family. We have two children now ( Harrison and Milla) and we also have our third baby on the way due on the 6th October.

Uncle John, I have attached a recent newsletter from my business that you maybe interested in have a peep at!!

I hope you have a great day Uncle John and many congratulations.

Raising a toast to Great Uncle John.

Sending you lots and lots of love from the Wansey’s in New Zealand.

Jamie, Brooke, Harrison and Milla (and the one in the oven)






From: Lucie, Mike, Jack and Sam Duffy


Dear Uncle John,

Just a short video message attached to wish you a very happy 90th birthday! Such a fabulous milestone and we will certainly make a toast to your good health and happiness on the 20th. No doubt you’ll have a fun celebration with the family and a few well deserved drinkies!

I remember such fond memories of the awesome parties you held at your house when we were little children – we’ll all really cherish those times!

All is very well on our end and we’re enjoying living in Calgary, Canada, which is just a short drive to the Rocky Mountains. Our boys, Jack and Sam are growing up quickly. It doesn’t seem very long since we saw you at my parents school for the summer barby but that was already 3 years ago! Crazy how time flys! Jack is 3 going on thirteen!! Our little Sam will be a year in July.

I hope the message finds you really well Uncle John. All our love to the family (I love hearing news about everyone from my mum and through Facebook of course!) and wishing you a super birthday and a fabulous 91st year ahead!

Lots of love
Lucie, Mike, Jack and Sam



To Great Uncle John from Lucie, Mike, Jack and Sam Duffy

To Great Uncle John from Lucie, Mike, Jack and Sam.


P.S. Jack spent a while making/ decorating this ‘happy birthday’ sign for you and then we forgot to include it in the video, so here it is!


Happy, happy birthday – may your day be full of fun, happiness and laughter!









From: The Grahams, the Glovers and the Blackshaws.


Happy Birthday Uncle John!

Love from Julie and Tony; Jenny, Christopher, Harry and Joe; Sarah, Henry, Edward and Issy; Charlie and Heather.



Plus a SPECIAL message from Joe Glover…




 From: Tom Wansey and Undine


Dear Uncle John,

Many, many, happy returns on this, your 90th Birthday!! 


I am writing to you today from the sunny climes of  . . . North Dorset. Alas, not quite as far afield as some of your other well-wishers – Don’t tell them I said this, but I think they may be showing off a bit! 
The last time we saw each other, I believe I had only recently left school and stopped being a naughty schoolboy. You will be pleased to know that I have now returned to school and spend my days teaching naughty schoolboys and girls. I teach English and Drama and I am a Deputy Housemaster at Clayesmore School. I also live with Undine, my (lovely) girlfriend, who I am afraid you have not yet met, but perhaps will at Charlie’s Wedding. 
I am so grateful to you and Auntie Anne for all the wonderful times we had at your house, as children. I remember them very fondly indeed. Thank you very much for being so kind.
Undine and I hope you have a wonderful day and we will certainly raise a glass (or two) in your honour!
Happy Birthday, Uncle John!
With lots and lots of love,
Tom and Undine x x x x x x x x 




From: The Reids.


Our heartfelt wishes to you Uncle John on the 20th of May 2015.


90 years old…
I could say something trite and most insincere.
Hell, ‘no way Jose’ ‘no fear’.
I’d rather say it loud and clear
that its really quite something
to reach your your 90th year!!
So here’s to you uncle John and all the years to come.
Dust off any thoughts of resting and have fun, fun, fun.


Love and best wishes from all the Reids
Fiona, Landon, Duncan Anna, Ava, Ella, Dan, Cleo, Poppy,Daisy,William, Charlotte, Beth and Andy.




And here are some photos…

photo4 photo(2) photo(1)




From: Jane and Jon Wansey


Happy Birthday Uncle John  from Jane and Jon.



 From: Jonathan Thorne


Happy 90th Birthday Uncle John!

I hope you have a lovely day with family. I am currently writing from London Ontario where I am studying to be an accountant (I know very exciting). I still remember the time you came to Canada to visit and told all the stories about your boat and left me a toy steam traction engine.

Wishing you a very happy birthday






From: Russet Thorne

Happy Birthday to my Master with much love from Russy. xxxxxxxxxxx





A video reply to all your best wishes from John Thorne



A birthday treat day out at Stoneywell National Trust property and gardens, Leicestershire.

Birthday treat

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