Tracing Your Scottish Family History On the Internet

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I have just received a copy of Chris Paton’s latest guide for family historians and it is an extremely useful work of reference for any of us that have Scottish ancestors or are researching people from Scotland.

Tracing Your Scottish Family History On The Internet published by Pen & Sword (ISBN 9781526768384) is packed with information about where to find records to help you research ancestors who came from this  beautiful land. Covering many types of records and resources, both national as well as local.

Tracing Your Scottish Family History on the Internet - Book cover

The author has also very comprehensively covered the offerings from national institutions, commercial sites and those family history societies, etc that have online presences. There are chapters on Gateways and institutions, the important website of ScotlandsPeople and what can be found on it, other sources for researching Scots forbears, occupations of ancestors, county by county records and Scotland’s Diaspora. Chris Paton explains how these sources can be used by a family history researcher, as well as looking at many unique collections for this country that may help in your quest to find out more about your Scottish Ancestors.

I particularly liked being able to turn to chapters dealing with those online resources for each Scottish county. In my own case most of my Scots ancestors were from the Lothians as well as Fife and Perthshire and so I could consult those pages to get some important leads on where to go online.

Tracing Your Scottish Family History On the Internet by Chris Paton is a valuable addition to my bookshelf and will no doubt be regularly consulted when trying to find out more about my own Scots ancestors.



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