An Ultimate Beginners Guide to Genealogy

Just the other day I was pointed towards a Beginners Guide to Genealogy from the website: HobbyHelp.

This guide is billed as being able to help you get started with your research. It advertises that it will explain:

  • step-by-step how to organize your findings
  • which records to examine first
  • how to conduct oral histories
  • and more.

And it is FREE on the internet:

I particularly liked the author Rachel’s 5 steps to getting started as they are sensible and follow what I teach in my own English/Welsh Ancestor course

In her online guide she suggests you:

  1. Get (and stay) organized.
  2. Make a Family Tree.
  3. Consider what you want to know.
  4. Talk with your oldest living family members.
  5. Go to census records.

This is sage advice. Much of the focus of the article is towards American records, but she does also widened her horizon to include some British resources.

I also liked the excellent guidelines for conducting oral interviews with a family members that she goes into.

So if you are one of my blog readers from North America and wondering how to start family history research then this is a good place to begin before you make the leap ‘across the pond’ to trace your English or Welsh ancestors.

Hobby Help’s Genealogy Guide is here.


Want to find your elusive English or Welsh ancestor?

I reveal the many resources you should be using when researching your English/Welsh ancestors in my courses and great value Crib-sheets over at Family History Researcher Academy.


If you want a quick Cheat Sheet to discover where to look for your elusive ancestors take a look at this.

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