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English/Welsh family tree research

by Nick Thorne, The Nosey Genealogist on July 3rd, 2016


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English or Welsh Family Tree Research.

Drawing up your English/Welsh family tree may be a simple matter for you.

Some readers of this blog, however, may be new to family history research. If you are in this situation and you don’t know where it is that you should look for your ancestors, then I have a tutorial guide that can help.

The problem could be that you just don’t know in which of the many genealogical records to head for when you are looking for your past family. Perhaps you have even made a start and tried the easy and obvious records and now wonder where else to look?

If your forebears came from England or Wales then, with a bit of knowledge of the various different record sets and resources that are out there, you should be able to easily put your family tree together and add your ancestors to its branches.

Just like all of us, at sometime, you may come up against an annoying brick wall in your research.

When you can’t find an elusive English or Welsh ancestor, don’t despair as quite often it will be possible to get around this logjam by simply making use of a different research tactic to tease out that oh so difficult to find ancestor – the one that you had thought had disappeared for good. Other times you may just need to use one of the many further record sets to break down your brick wall and so get your family tree research back on track.

The best way to discover your ancestors is usually to learn a bit more about all the many records, data research sites and various archives that are available to you. Think about taking a genealogy course. I have an extremely well received family history course that can quickly give you the tools to put you back on track – more about that in the guide.

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