The Orange Lilies Novel hit the spot for Christmas!

As the Christmas mayhem is in full pelt all around me I have taken to finding a quite moment with a book. Currently I am thoroughly enjoying a Genealogical Mystery novella called The Orange Lilies.

Written by Nathan Dylan Goodwin this is a novella that follows on from book two in the Lost Ancestor series where forensic genealogist, Morton Farrier, delves into other people’s family history. In this entertaining read we find him putting his professional skills to use to find out about his own complicated family having discovered his biological mother was someone that he had always known.

What I liked about reading the book at this time of year was the flipping back and forth between a present day Cornish Christmas, spent with family in a cosy cottage, and the very different Christmas of his great-grandfather in World War I on the front.

The author weaves a fascinating tale and the twists and turns had me turning the pages to find out what happened next.

I heartily recommend this book! Buy it now in paperback or Kindle ebook from Amazon by clicking the link or image below.

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